Your values and passion for equitable education drive your work and improve the lives of your students every day. That’s why you and your team have been hard at work revamping your curriculum to better serve students, teachers, and the community. After the hours of meetings, the exciting successes and the disappointing setbacks, it can be easy to lose track of where you are and where you need to go next. There’s always more to do, unforeseen hurdles, increasingly complex challenges, and never enough room in your schedule.

You know it’s time take stock of your progress and turn ideas into meaningful action, but you need a way to get everyone on the same page when it comes to goals and opportunities for change.

We hear youand we’ve got some strategies to help. Here are three steps districts tell us are effective for streamlining their process:

  1. Analyze your district data. Do they support your goals and priorities? Do they reflect the effects of your recent efforts? Do you need to collect different data to answer new questions?
  2. Consider who’s part of the conversation. Are all voices being heard? How are differences of opinion being addressed?
  3. Assess your roadmap. Before you keep working toward your goals, make sure they are specific and feasible. Are your goals aligned with your needs, values, and data? Have you considered “feasibility” from all angles?

Looking for more guidance? We’ve created a free assessment tool that provides a detailed method for assessing your progress and gathering data. This tool is for educational leaders who need to take a step back or just want a fresh perspective on their curriculum adaptation goals. After completing the assessment with your team, you can request a free consultation to review the results.

Are you ready for a conversation that could transform your school?

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