Summer is the time for getting inspired and motivated for a fresh start. If you’re itching to reinvigorate learning in your school or district, make sure you catch up on what we’ve been up to at Creative Change. Here are five blog posts and three case studies to add to your summer reading list. If you and your team are ready to put these ideas into action, get in touch today to request a free consultation.

  1. Does a STEAM focus play a big role in your goals for next year? STEAM is great, but make sure your #ContentMatters with something a little more STEAM-EE, and don’t forget that going green is about so much more than recycling.
  2. Make sure your curriculum is optimized to improve outcomes for students facing challenges like poverty.
  3. If you work for a post-secondary educational institution, check out some of our recent work with universities.
  4. In addition to helping teachers and administrators transform their schools, our Executive Director Susan Santone is also hard at work publishing a book and teaching future teachers at the University of Michigan.
  5. As you plan your fall classes, make sure to take advantage of the free lesson plans we’ve put together with our friends at Fair Trade Campaigns.

For a closer look at the exciting work CCES does, make sure you’ve read our case studies. Don’t worry, they’re far from dry and boring!

  1. River Rouge Partnered with Creative Change to Increase Achievement in Language Arts and Math Up to 40%
  2. Baker High School: How a Contaminated “Brownfield” Inspired a Unique STEM Course, Motivated Students, & Increased Achievement
  3. Ypsilanti Community Schools Boost Middle School Literacy Achievement by 25%

Bonus! If you need a break from reading, make sure you’ve watched these five videos from Creative Change.

  1. CCES Helps Students Dive Deeper into Discrimination and What it Means
  2. Get to Know a CCES Student
  3. One Teacher’s Take on CCES Curriculum 
  4. A CCES classic, Susan’s TEDx Talk: The Story of Change Our Children Can Write
  5. Are Your Students Suffering From CCM? We Can Help (This one’s a MUST-see!)
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