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What do you do if you’re a teacher and everything you’re passionate about is largely absent from the curriculum?

This is the dilemma I faced more than 20 years ago when I was teaching in the public schools. I was immersing myself in learning about global issues such as hunger and human rights, and desperately searching for a way to bring these issues into education. I envisioned classrooms as places where students learned to solve the problems affecting their futures and communities. To bring this about, I founded Creative Change in 2002 built on the values of equity, democratic education, sustainability, and research-based practices. Since then, our mission has been to help educators with curriculum transformation for better schools, more impassioned teachers, and fully engaged students.

Since our founding, we’ve developed strategic partnerships with schools, universities and nongovernmental organizations ranging from Big Ten universities to the United Nations. Our work has reached 5,000 educators of educators and many more thousands of their students. Evaluations show consistently positive impacts on student learning and teacher effectiveness, and our work receives national recognition through conference presentations, speaking engagements, and publications.

I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished and look forward to our future.

Susan Santone
Founder and Executive Director

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