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The Challenge

In today’s changing world, schools and teachers struggle to find, create, and adapt their learning methods and materials, so students are engaged and challenged by what they’re learning. How can we use real world challenges and interdisciplinary approaches in the classroom to inspire our students to want to know more about our shared history, our complex world, and the issues in our communities? And how can we help students understand their own power, the power to ask questions and bring about positive change?

The Solution

The Curriculum Resource Center (CRC) provides curriculum resources for teachers and school districts including a huge library of content and approaches. We’ve distilled innovative thinking into age-appropriate instructional materials, so teachers can integrate these resources into their own courses and units. Teachers who use the CRC tell us that these resources inspire students to greater achievement and empower them to shift the story towards opportunity, equity, and healthy communities.

Three Resource Collections Designed for Your Unique Instructional Needs


Do you want to create a new course or enhance an existing one?

Our fully developed course modules are your answer. Use a module as a blueprint, or integrate your own lessons to create a customized course.

Do you need exemplary lessons to bring Common Core to life?

The CRC’s Lesson Database provides over 125 lessons spanning grades and disciplines. Search by grade, discipline, topic, standard and more.

Trying to map monthly or yearly instruction?

Our frameworks and Best Practices Briefs offer structure, guidance, and hands-on methods to develop curriculum maps within or across grades and disciplines.

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