While the term ‘summer school’ may not invoke a pleasant image, students in a forthcoming class on educational reform may feel otherwise. The University of Michigan, with a history of tapping the leaders and best to help create the next generation of the leaders and best, has brought on CCES Executive Director Susan Santone to teach a class during the 2017 summer semester.

Susan will teach Perspectives on Educational Reform, a graduate course for the Master of Arts in Educational Studies with Secondary Teacher Certification through the U-M School of Education.

About the Course

The course will address the purposes of schooling in a diverse society, the political and economic dimensions of educational reform, tensions between neoliberalism and democracy, and the intersections of race and socioeconomic status. The degree program is designed to help students make strong connections between theory and practice in curriculum and classroom application. The Educational Reform class is part of the intensive 12-month program that prepares students for teacher certification in secondary classrooms.

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