Heart and chalkTransforming our educational system requires a keen analysis of the elements of the current system, including curriculum, teacher preparation, classroom practices, and assessment. Educators must also examine the mindsets and assumptions that drive our practice.

This is the analytical “head” work of education. But this can’t be effective unless educators apply the “heart” dimensions of love, passion and commitment: love of children, passion for positive change, and a commitment to the work that will bring it about.  This, of course, also requires that educators engage in the “hands” work of direct change in classroom practice, assessment, etc.

The goal of the current educational paradigm is to make students competitive in the global economy.  It’s a system that sorts winner from losers in the service of economic growth. We must expose this belief, challenge the harmful practices and policies it leads to, and reclaim the civic mission of schooling.   Doing so requires that we employ head, hands, and heart in the service of all children.
Read more about love and education in this new article by June Gorman in the Journal of Sustainability Education.
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