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Whether you’re ready to roll up your sleeves or just beginning to define your needs, we’ll create an approach customized to your goals. We offer curriculum evaluation, extended curriculum development & transformation initiatives, including teacher workshops and content resources. You can rely on our experience to help with the big vision as well as the small details of implementation. Don’t worry – we’ll be by your side throughout the process.


Curriculum Evaluation
Need to examine your current curriculum and identify ways to enhance it? We’ll work side-by-side with your leadership team to assess your achievement needs and define curricular strategies to increase achievement and engagement. You’ll walk away with a clear, measurable, and executable plan to guide that will take your curriculum to the next level.

Extended Curriculum Transformation Initiatives

Ready to recharge and redesign curriculum maps, courses and units? During this intensive process, we’ll work with your district (sometimes over a year or more) to guide and support your team from planning through implementation and evaluation. Learn about the process. We also offer a separate website for those specifically interested in “sustainability education.


Introductory Teacher Workshops
Looking jumpstart ideas and build excitement among your staff? Our introductory workshops (1/2 day to 3 days) help teachers experience the possibilities for energizing their curriculum. Workshops emphasize interdisciplinary perspectives on 21st century issues, project-based curriculum design, and high impact instructional strategies.

Curriculum Resources Licensing
Do your teachers need resources to (re)design units and courses? Our Curriculum Resource Center (CRC) delivers interdisciplinary lessons, course modules, and frameworks that are fully-developed and aligned to Common Core. Schools can license the materials as a stand-alone resource, or pair it with professional development.


Research Partnerships with Universities: We develop alliances among K12 districts and teacher education faculty to design and test new curriculum in real classrooms. Teachers gain access to innovative materials with rigorous evaluation. University faculty gain research opportunities and exciting field placements for pre-service teachers.


Looking for a speaker guaranteed to inspire your audience? Our Executive Director Susan Santone delivers compelling, interactive talks with the expertise, passion and humor she’s known for. Sample topics include: equity and multicultural education; educating students in poverty; place-based and project-based education; mental models and educational policy; education for sustainability; comparative approaches to economics education and the implication for underserved students.

“Creative Change’s enthusiasm for this work is contagious.
You’ll come away excited and FULL OF IDEAS.”

Superintendent, Michigan

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