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We're redefining achievement.

We partner with schools and universities to design model curriculum for the 21st century. We tap the best advances in STEM, global development and more to prepare all students for a new definition of college, career and civic readiness. Our content makes the difference.  Learn how.


We're lifting up minds to lift up communities.

Education is the foundation of democracy, yet stubborn inequalities limit opportunities for many students and their communities. Equity demands that we connect academic achievement with the issues shaping students' lives and futures.  Learn why.


We're catalysts for effective change.

Our professional development model supports K20 educators to test innovative courses that raise the bar on rigor, cultural relevance and civic engagement. We provide the guidance, processes and resources to transition to this new way of teaching and learning.  Learn more.

boosting achievement

An innovative educational program on diversity and sustainable communities has boosted scores on Common Core reading skills for middle school students in the Ypsilanti Community Schools. The semester-long course wove literacy and history into the study of diversity, equity, and community well-being. A comparison of pre- and post-tests shows up to 20% gains in skills such as citing evidence. Learn more.

university programs

The challenges of the 21st century create new opportunities for educational research and curriculum development.  We’re working with colleges and universities to create and evaluate innovative instructional approaches both within the institution and through partnerships with K12 schools. Learn more.

Your curriculum, better.

Our Curriculum Resource Center delivers next generation content  to (re)design units, courses and programs. Get transdisciplinary lessons, course modules, and frameworks that are fully-developed and aligned to Common Core.

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