Science educators across the country are rolling out the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and equity is top on their minds. The teachers and administrators we work with ask us one thing: How can we make these standards relevant in ways that engage diverse learners? The urgency is real, especially in districts serving low-income students and students of color–those whose experiences are often unheard and unseen in the curriculum.

Three little words can turn this around. Three little words can infuse relevance and equity into cells, soil structure, the periodic table, and other yawn-worthy topics (at least from the kids’ perspective).

In a new blog series, we’ll introduce the power of ethics, wellbeing, and community to transform curriculum. We’ll share strategies for helping teachers use these words to (re)designing scientific inquiry to answers the questions kids really have: Why are things this way? How can we explain this? How can it change, and what can I do?  These are real stories from real classrooms and on-the-ground professional development programs.

Read the first post here: Next Generation Science Standards Under the Equity Microscope

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