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Our members include veteran teachers, researchers, university faculty, and content experts in science and social science disciplines.

Jim Haughn, Board MemberJim Haughn is a solo general practice attorney in Toledo, Ohio. Jim is a member of the Toledo Bar Association, the Wood County Bar Association, and the Ohio state Bar Association. Jim served as a peace corps volunteer in Senegal, West Africa in the late 1989-1990, working in agroforestry and desertification abatement.


Martha Kaufeldt, Board MemberMartha Kaufeldt is a full-time consultant with extensive expertise in Brain Compatible Learning, Differentiated Instruction and Integrated Curriculum for all grade levels. She has taught at all grade levels, served as a district-level gifted coordinator and staff developer, and most recently was the Lead Teacher and restructuring coordinator of a demonstration “brain-compatible” school. In addition, she has coached dozens of elementary schools that are considering implementing multi-age programs and middle and high schools that are developing interdisciplinary teams and alternative schedules. She has a Masters Degree in Human Behavior.


David Reynolds, Board MemberDavid Reynolds, PhD, works at the Labor and Community Studies Center at the University of Michigan/Dearborn, and was formerly a labor educator at Wayne State University. His research and teaching specialties include social movements, labor-community coalitions, curriculum development, and strategic planning. Reynolds serves on the board of Doing Development Differently in Metro Detroit (D4) and is a member of the Growing Together or Drifting Apart Taskforce in Washtenaw County.  Prior to this he helped lead Citizen for Responsible Education (CARE), a community-based school improvement coalition in Ypsilanti. His publications include A New Deal: How Regional Activism Will Reshape the American Labor Movement (coauthored with Amy Dean), and Taking the High Road: Communities Organize for Economic Change. His doctoral degree in Government is from Cornell University.


Paula Sizemore, Board MemberPaula Sizemore is a passionate educator with over two decades of public school experience. Paula goes where she is needed: She has taught in public schools, charter schools, college summer camps and was a lecturer at Eastern Michigan University’s College of Education. She believes in social justice for all, and has been influential at every school she’s led or taught, advocating for multicultural competence and inclusive curricula that addresses the true stories and experiences of marginalized people.


Pastor Brian Vieira, Board Member

Pastor Brian Vieira is an award-winning educator and public speaker with over 25 years of classroom, administrative, and counseling experience. As an ordained minister, he teaches couples how to renew their minds and their marriages. As a state certified educator, he teaches students of all ages how to read, write, and think with confidence and excellence.  Rev. Vieira is the founder and President of ScholarSkills Learning Center and the former principal of ScholarSkills Christian Academy– a New York State registered school for grades 3-7. ScholarSkills equips children for long-term learning and success through its after school tutorial program. ScholarSkills also creates easy to use educational tools for parents to interact with their children, and provides online classes for students of all ages and nationalities. ScholarSkills has also been a curriculum creator and consultant for state and local educational agencies since 2001.

William Williams, Board Member
William Williams has a diverse professional background and includes a history as a firefighter for the Detroit Fire Department as well as a recent position as an IT engineer at Wayne State University. He is currently a climate leader with the Climate Reality Project, where he focuses on educating others on the topic of Climate Change. Additionally, William has tutored foreign language students in English and also currently volunteers at William Beaumont Hospital. A Detroit native, he was educated at Marygrove College in the heart of the city.


John Warbach is a Professor Emeritus at Michigan State University and Associate Director for Faculty Research Development of the Land Policy Institute. His career has focused on placemaking, economic development, and sustainable communities. He earned his PhD in Urban Forestry from Michigan State University, his Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of California-Berkeley, and an undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture from Michigan State University.

Maura Jung has had a diverse career in the field of science and environmental education, with experience as a park naturalist, teacher, assistant principal, and science consultant. She is currently involved with land conservation and natural equine therapy for at-risk children.  She earned a doctorate in education in educational leadership and curriculum and instruction from Wayne State University and has a degree in natural resources from the University of Michigan.

Shari Saunders is a Research Fellow for Creative Change.  She is a faculty member at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where she works with prospective teachers in the university classroom as well as in school sites. Her expertise include place-conscious education, restorative justice, and school lunch reform. She has a Master’s degree in Learning Disabilities from Northwestern University and a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Virginia.

“I am in awe and extremely grateful for the amazing collaborative instructional work, classroom learning, and community building that was developed and nurtured through our partnership and your leadership.”


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